Holy Smoke Misfit Missionaries

Right: (Mother) Teresa, Left: Doc (Aurthur)


Holy Smoke Misfit Missionaries

take a unique approach to helping the homeless, by not only caring and helping to supply their basic human needs, but also we engage them by bringing entertainers, laughter, friendship, empathy, and human compassion to ensure a successful impact on each individual.

Mission Events / Episode Series

These are some the the Missions we have gone on. We would like to share some of our favorite experiences with you. Scroll down to meet interesting characters!

tunnel dwelling

Tunnel Dwelling

The folks who live in the tunnels set up tents and forts to mark off their territory.

Standing at the tunnel entrance

Tunneling Around

[Named Persons Left to Right]
front row: 1, 2
second row: 3,4,5, Doc, 6

Volontiers and homless woman with dog

An Early Mission

This was one of our earlier missions, the woman in the photo, her dog had passed away, the missionaries of Holy Smoke were there to console her. Having empathy for people in difficult situations like this are the fuel in our tanks, and the inspiration in our hearts to continue trying hard to make the world a better place for those who are hurting the most to live in.


We are a non-profit. Therefore we are able to provide food and supplies with the help of on donations. You can be a part of our mission by making a contribution to someone in need in our community. It is heart breaking to see the people in the world who go without.


Girl holding sign: /we need blankets! Anything Helps! #Holy Smoke #Be Kind

Blanket Donors Wanted

The desert winters could chill anyone to the bone. Gently used sleeping bags are appreciated. Please donate BLANKETS!
#Holy Smoke #Be Kind

Thank you for all of your support!

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