Las Vegas Pain Institute


This is a website containing some useful information collected for work. The purpose of this site is to share this updated contact information with my co-workers.
Here you go. :)


These are for use of the phones within LVPI. Please, call me at extension 414 to inform me of any update you may have, so that I may include that information for everyone.


This page includes links to help navigate Health Insurance.


This is a detailed contact list of Local Las Vegas Specialists and the information required when referring a patient.
New Feature as of fall 2019:
If it hilights in blue, the the office is central or on the east side of town, which are ideal for Nellis & Henderson patients. If it is highlighting in pink instead, then it is on the west side of town, which is ideal for Centennial and Jones patients. Use the search bar at the top to search for the names of Dr offices. The phone number of the specialist is blue (meaning click to call), the fax numbers are the next row over, and lastly is the known insurances accepted.